A green building and sustainable design firm
focused on the end users well being.
Our product is a design response to our clients needs.
We utilize existing building structure to maintain the
buildings unique character.

We implement:Strategies: 

Efficiency + Economy = Energized Environment™

For the ultimate

We work harmoniously with Nature.

We focus on non-resitential design, as well as residential dwellings. The success stems from our ability to listen,  to observe and to synthesize our clients needs, their means, and the building's immediate surroundings. The Project Team works together from the conceptual phase to the final details of implementation. At Tectonica Design we welcome new clients as well as we enjoy the continuity of returning business relations.

This is the Mandarin Club, Eau Clair WI. 15,000 square feet, free standing historic downtown building.


The Mandarine Club dance stage and bar.

Cajun Kitchen, Hollister Ave. Goleta, CA. 2,000 square feet tennent improvement project.


Templock Corp. Oxnard CA.




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